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Gift certificate

You are interested in the services we offer, or you enjoyed a stay at the Domaine and wish to offer a lobster dinner to one of your relatives for his or her birthday, for Christmas, or simply for the sake of enjoyment.
It could not be any easier:

- Fill in the contact form at the end of the website
- In the comments section at the bottom of the page, let us know what package you opt for, the name(s) of the beneficiaries and the event celebrated: birthday, Christmas or other.
That’s it!

Three to four days later, you will receive a mail in which you will find a little brochure from the Domaine with a customised voucher for the selected package, along with an invoice.
The voucher is valid for six months, but the beneficiary of the gift should contact us as soon as possible to make a reservation in the best conditions.
Please pay the invoice upon receipt, keeping in mind that we will cash the cheque once the service is delivered.

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