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Lobster tank

The immortal lobster!

Lobsters are really exceptional animals which can regularly be fished in Côtes d’Armor. Their distinctive feature is that they do not die from ageing. Lobsters moult on a regular basis and could grow for a long time if they did not get trapped by local fishermen.

Lobster at the Domain

However, at the Domaine, we installed a lobster tank in the dining-room, facing the sea and frequently bring on a few specimen we cook on reservation, two or three nights a week. They can be either grilled and then flambéed in cognac, or in casserole "à l’armoricaine" for big celebrations.

And for the greatest of all pleasures, and to add a balanced, mineral and subtly wooden flavour, a Puilly Fuissé will be served to round out the meal.
Always with moderation, of course!
An unforgettable experience, notably when the sunset lightens up the Seven Islands and the tip of Ploumanac’h.

The Evenings of Buhez Nevez

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