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Finnish sauna

A little bit of history

The sauna has been a social and family tradition in Finland for more than 2000 years. Originally, saunas were little sheds built even before the main residence.
They were a key component to social relationships in Finland.
In Finnish country houses, after a sauna session, it is common, all year round, to bathe in the lake or the river located nearby rather than getting in a traditional shower.
The sauna at the Domain

The sauna at the Domain

At the Domain, we wanted to revive this northern tradition and so, we built our sauna outside, facing the sea.
We replaced the lake or river by an outdoor solar shower.
Therefore, at the end of the day, whenever our customers wish to experience a relaxing moment in the sauna, we light up the lava rocks oven.
Please make an early reservation (the day before or even earlier), sauna sessions are very popular !

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